Our Community: In the studio and beyond

Our Community: In the studio and beyond

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Assembly is built on the core belief that in our increasingly digital world there continues to be profound value in in-person creative learning experiences.


Meeting new people can be less awkward when you're all creating together (easy small talk ideas right in front of you!)

The give and take with a teaching artist in the moment can be encouraging and enlightening for both the student and the teacher.

The inspiration that comes from just physically being in a creative environment. A refuge (if even just for a couple hours) from the day to day hustle.

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Writing this in late March 2020, we find ourselves in a moment that pushes us towards more digital means. Our studio is temporarily closed for workshops due to social distancing measures to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. While we're feeling sense of loss at not being able to bring people together as we once did, we're still committed to fostering making, creativity, and social connection in whatever way we can.  

So what does this mean if we're all staying home?

Have a virtual craft night with your pals! Use a video conferencing platform (zoom is popular) to do something creative and chat. You could all work on different projects or coordinate and start on something together (we've got a ton of craft kits for you ready to go!). In the spirit of meeting new people, consider suggesting you each invite another crafty friend to join.

Stuck on a craft project, questions about supplies, or just need a tip or trick for your next endeavor? Don't be afraid to reach out to one of our teaching artists! Life has slowed down a bit in many ways right now and everyone is spending way more time online. We're also missing our time in the studio working with you too! You can send an inquiry here and we'll pass it along. 

After weeks in the same space, you're home is potentially feeling even less inspiring than usual. Freshen up your walls with some new DIY home decor! A macrame wall hanging, geometric wood wall art, or hand lettered chalkboard may be just what you need! Check out our online shop for more handmade ideas and project kits.

make stuff everyday 

We launched this blog to share modern craft and DIY project tutorials, tips, inspiration, and connection beyond the doors of our physical studio. While we look forward to resuming our regular in-studio workshop programming soon, we also know that there is a larger creative community out there that may never get to join us in person (self-quarantined or not!). So we're ready to embrace this larger community that only the digital world can provide.

So in that spirit, we'd love to hear from you!  Comment on a blog post to share your experience or questions. Tag us on social media (@assemblypdx) if you share a project you made with Assembly. 

Take care and stay healthy and crafty! 

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