Craft Tutorial: Newspaper Basket Weaving

Craft Tutorial: Newspaper Basket Weaving

This spring on the blog we'll be focused on projects that require minimal supplies (bonus points for using items around the house!), so you can get your creative DIY juices flowing without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you’ve got some time, some newspaper, and ever considered taking our basket weaving class, then this is the craft for you! 

diy newspaper basket weaving tutorial

Warning: It's slightly addicting and once you learn the technique, you can use it to make baskets of all sizes. Perfect for spring cleaning and organization! You can also use the same technique to make them from magazine pages, which are super cute and necessary for all your craft supplies.

Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial

Gather your materials:

  • Newspaper (or other big sheets of paper)
  • Scissors
  • Some sort of binding: double sided tape, regular tape, stapler, etc
  • Tablecloth or covering of some sort (optional)

newspaper basket supplies


Let's get started!

1. If you're working on a light colored surface, protect it with a table cloth because the newspaper ink may rub off on it. You’ll start to see it on your hands after a while too! But don’t worry... it'll wash right off!

2. Take a piece of newspaper folded in half. Cut the folded edge off which now gives you two separate sheets.

newspaper basket weaving diy

3. Take one of the sheets and fold it long ways in half. Then fold it long ways in half again. Each time you fold, keep the edges of the paper aligned and crease firmly. Fold it once more in half long ways and crease edges firmly with your hands.

diy basket weaving with paper

4. Use a tiny piece of tape to secure the edges together in the center to keep your strips from unfolding.

5. Make at least ten of these strips for the bottom of your basket.

6. Once you have ten strips, it’s time to start weaving the bottom of your basket! Lay down five strips next to each other. Next, we're going to weave in the remaining five strips the opposite way. Weave in these strips by feeding them one at a time going over, under, over, under, and over the original five strips.  For the second woven strip, start with the opposite direction (under, over, under over, under). Repeat these steps with the remaining strips.

diy newspaper basket weaving

7. After they're all woven in, adjust strips so that they're as close together as possible and each side has roughly the same amount remaining sticking out.

This is the bottom of your basket! You can increase or decrease the size to make a larger or smaller basket.

how to weave a basket with paper

8. Crease the strips as you fold each of them upwards at the place where the basket bottom ends and the basket side begins. 

basket weaving tutorial

9. Next step is to make eight more strips! Make them with the same folds as step 3.

10. Weave in one of these new strips across one of your basket sides using the same pattern as before- over, under, over, under, and over. 

basket weaving craft tutorial 11. Align your woven strip with the edge of the basket side and attach it there with tape or a staple. You'll have a large amount of the strip remaining, which is what you'll later use to continue weaving around the basket. 

basket weaving tutorial

12. Weave in three more pieces so you have four strips total going up that one side of your basket. You'll likely need to tuck in pieces of tape periodically to keep your woven strips in place. 

13. Now take those remaining lengths and weave each of them through the adjacent side of the basket. Repeat until all four strips have been woven across the two basket sides.

newspaper baskets

14. Now it’s time to “finagle” your basket! As Andie, our basket weaving instructor, says, basket weaving is all about finagling! Tug strips lightly to pull into place and to reduce any gaps. You’ll see a basket begin to form!

paper basketry

15. Now it’s time for the other two sides! Repeat steps 10-14 to build them up.

basket weaving tutorial

16. Once you’ve gotten all your strips woven and finished your finagling and taping, it’s time to connect your corners! Use a combination of double sided tape and tape to secure them in place.

newspaper basketry diy

17. Lastly, you'll want to fix the top of your basket. For strips popping up from the inside of your basket, cut them so they’re even with the top of your basket. For strips that are popping up on the front of your basket, fold over and secure on the inside of your basket.

diy craft tutorial

Yay! You made a newspaper basket!! We’d love to see your creations!

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If you enjoyed this craft, keep an eye out for our Beginner’s Basket Weaving Workshop, where you’ll learn even more about the art of basket weaving!

newspapaer basketry craft how to

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What a great tutorial; I can’t wait to make one of these. Thank you!

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